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Rector Search & Transition

In June 2022 Father Paul Price left Trinity to continue his ministry in Washington State. Father Bill Dunn (left) was appointed by Bishop Taylor to be our Priest-in-Charge during the transition. As we move toward finding our new rector, the Transition and Search Committee will post updates on this page. 

The Transition Committee

(Update 4/20/2022)


Transition from one Rector to another is an arduous task and requires input from many people. Bob Bourne has been designated by the Vestry as the point person to get this process rolling. It is important that we have wide input into the preparation for and selection of a new rector, and there are many steps along the way. Each of these steps require dedicated hands and hearts. We want the input to this process to be as wide as possible. Eventually every member will be asked to participate in a parish survey, but long before that we need a diverse group of folks to help organize this process.

Before we can move into the actual search process, we have several tasks to do as a parish, and we need volunteers to participate in the various stages of the process.


As of the second week of Easter Season we already have several volunteers to be on one or more of the committees involved in the transition. However, our committees are by no means complete. We need younger people, older people, people with families, singles and members from every community that feels part of our church family. Everyone who should have a voice should have an opportunity to have their voice heard.


The specific areas for which we need volunteers are

  1. Preparation and assembling the Parish Profile

  2. Organizing “History Day” and compiling the results of it for inclusion in the Parish Profile

  3. Preparing a report on the Demographics of the Parish

  4. Preparing, conducting and compiling the results of a parish survey.


Anyone interested in volunteering to be part of the transition process should submit their name, email address and best phone number, indicating to which of the above areas they feel they can make the best contribution.


Submit to Bob Bourne,  or the Parish Administrator

Additional Resources

Below you will find additional resources as we move through our transition.

  • Transition FAQ: Click HERE for PDF

  • Developing a Parish Profile: Click HERE for PDF

  • Reflections from the Episcopal Board of Transition Ministry: Click HERE for PDF

  • For an example of a Parish Profile please view Trinity's 2012 Parish Profile: Click HERE for a PDF

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