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Serving the Church

Trinity parishioners love to serve the greater community, to serve each other, to help with worship and to just hang out with each other. There are many ways to share your passion, to make a difference, to explore new ideas, to go deeper. To learn more about any of the ministries found here please contact the church office.


Bereavement Group

The Bereavement Support group is lead by Beth Allevato, a retired Visiting Nurse and Hospice worker. The group meets in Trinity Lounge on certain Wednesday’s is open to the entire Redlands Community. 

Christian Care Lay Ministry (CCLM)

CCLM members visit those parishioners who are either home bound or limited in their ability to move about the community. Our members serve as a link between them and the Church. CCLM members connect with shut-ins through a friendly, caring visit in person or by telephone. Contact may also be made by simply sending a note. We meet every two or three months to evaluate our contact list and the status and needs of those being minstered to.

Life's Transition Ministry

Supported by a team of volunteers Life's Transition Ministries (LTM) provides care and support for members and their families during varying life transitions. From the birth of a child to the death of a loved one LTM will be there to care for you through that transition. 

Memorial Garden

Maintained by Linda Apmadoc, the Memorial Garden is a peaceful place where loved ones are laid to rest. Linda lovingly cares for the garden with well-tended flowers, trees, and greenery meant to inspire reflection and remembrance.

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