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Trinity Episcopal Preschool (TEPs)

A member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, our preschool serves children ages 2 years 6 months to 5 years old year-round. The weekly program includes music, exploring our world, art expressions, reading readiness activities, Chapel story time, constructive play time inside and out plus fellowship. Unique features include letting children be children. Children are encouraged to cooperate with other as well as increase their own sense of independence and strength. We foster a Christian emphasis on social values and open children's minds to the wonder of creation and all God's gifts who inhabit the earth. Chapel is held every Wednesday.​Please click the link below to connect to the Preschool Website to learn more.

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Trinity Episcopal Preschool History

Trinity Preschool began as a nursery school in 1950 with the affectionate name of TENS. Virginia Jennings was the founder and first director. In 1951 Floris Crosthwaite became the director, and it was she who purchased all the nursery school’s equipment. By 1955 the school was under the care of Ms. Crosthwaite’s daughter, Floris Ethel, who maintained the school’s tradition until her mother’s return in 1957.  Ms. Crosthwaite guided the program for fifteen more years. In 1972 untill June 2017, Beverly Gaston served as the director. Ms. Gaston had the distinction of being the longest serving director of an Episcopal school in Los Angeles Diocese. Currently, Trina Hohenshelt serves at the preschool director.

The preschool is licensed under the laws of the state of California with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles' Commission of Schools serving as oversight.

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